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Janet’s latest featured video:

• How to identify curious people
• How to create a team, or even better an organization, of highly curious individuals
• What organizations can due to improve curiosity levels
Janet Gerhard has extensive experience transforming the way organizations understand and manage customer experience. By analyzing and strategically changing how organizations interact with their customers, she helps clients redefine their growth strategy and customer experience ecosystem thereby driving top-line growth and bottom line results. She has established two consulting practices over the last seven years focusing on: engaging the organization in managing customer relationships, revenue, and profit; driving curiosity across often silo-ed departments to better understand the customer perspective; creating a persistent and unified focus on the customer in is commercial strategy; helping the organization work together to optimize customer experience delivery; and supporting leaders in their role as cultural frontrunners in the transformation journey. In 2013, Janet was honored as one of HSMAI’s Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing. Janet consults globally with a diverse client base including automotive, business services, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, technology and telecommunication companies. She often partners with CEB, the world’s leading member- based advisory company through its Customer Experience and Sales Leadership Councils.
At a workshop hosted by Janet, be prepared to be engaged and challenged. The best and most productive offer the opportunity for the audience to participate in the process, to better understand how to put it into practice right away.
Janet’s take on some of the confusion that organizations make in the lexicon they use and what the leading indicator of change is vs. “results” as the lagging indicator of change.
Janet discusses the moment when her customers started behaving differently — mentioning the increasing complexity in the sales process — requiring a new approach for today.
“Sellers will spend an equal amount of time devoted to their worst opportunities and they will to their best opportunities,” states Janet Gerhard at a conference of sales executives.  Learn how to break this type of thinking.